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Our teas change frequently and include extensive selections of black, green,
herbal, fruit and oolong.  Please check with a staff member for current
Is given the longest oxidation process, which makes it darker, stronger, and more caffeinated. Contains high levels
of antioxidants.

Earl Grey - caffeinated and decaf available
English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast
Orange Pekoe
- hint of bitterness and sweet finish
Almond Sugar Cookie - almonds, flavoring and safflower blossoms. contains tree nuts
Paris- fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors
Apple Cinnamon Coffeecake - organic cinnamon chips, apple pieces, flavoring and orange blossoms
French Vanilla Chai - organic cinnamon pieces, organic anise seeds, organic cloves, french vanilla flavor, natural
spice flavor and organic cardamom pods
Cinnamon Chocolate Brownie - organic china black tea, organic cocoa nibs, organic cinnamon pieces
Peaches & Ginger - contains real pieces of peaches and ginger
Chocolate Mint
Temi Sikkim
- (Darjeeling) Sikkim is located just north of Darjeeling in India. The only garden there,  Temi, does its
teas in a Darjeeling style. It is light in body with honey notes
Black Currant
Hot Cinnamon Spice
- cinnamon, orange, cloves
Fruits d'alsace - apricots, cherries, and plums
Coconut - coconut flavor and real coconut pieces
Gingerbread - organic cinnamon, organic cloves, organic ginger and gingerbread flavoring
Hazelnut - hazelnut flavoring and marigold petals
Passion Fruit - passion fruit flavoring and malva blossoms
Strawberry Cupcake - real strawberry pieces and leaves
Wild Cherry - (decaf)
Baklava – sweet & spicy, baklava & cloves
It is the least processed of commercial teas, and the method used preserves more of the nutrients and health

Organic Green – a very light tea with vegetal flavors
Moroccan Mint – gunpowder green tea with peppermint leaves
Gunpowder Imperial – delicate with hay and lemon notes
Pear – very refreshing not too tart no bitterness
Orange Cranberry – sweet orange and subtle cranberry flavors
Green Almond – amaretto and marzipan flavors
Green Organic Carrot Cake Cupcake Tisane – the brewed cup is full flavored, with the smell of just baked carrot
FRUIT TEAS (caffeine free)
Peach Fruit - dried peaches, hibiscus, rose hips
Cranberry harvest - sweet and tart, cranberry and orange flavors
Strawberry Kiwi
Burgundy Blast
- hibiscus flowers, mango, papaya, lemongrass, acai, pomegranate
Mango Fruit
Blood Orange
- bold fruity taste
Berry Nice – Rosehips, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, apples, and raspberry

HERBAL TEAS (caffeine free)
Chamomile - light floral aroma
Chamomile Lavender - chamomile flowers, blue lavender, cornflowers
Raspberry - raspberry, hibiscus, rose hips
Organic Passion Plum - cinnamon, rosehips, orange peel
French Lavender - strong floral and lavender flavors
Lemon – lemongrass, lemon rind
Raspberry Mojito – raspberry, tart hibiscus and sweet apple, lime and mint
ROOIBOS TEAS (caffeine free)
Made from the leaves of a south African shrub, full of antioxidants
Rooibos – incredibly smooth, slightly nutty
African Autumn - cranberry and oranges
Candy Cane - Organic cacao nibs, raspberry and coconut pieces
Tangerine - organic
Caramel Walnut Shortbread
Red Velvet Cupcake
Peppermint Chocolate Vanilla
– this infusion based in rooibos has the mellow notes of vanilla, the rich flavor of
real chocolate chunks and the defining essence of mint
Pumpkin Caramel Cinnamon - an authentic autumnal blend of real pumpkin pieces with freshly milled fall spices
and a hint of vanilla

Partially fermented, in the middle for antioxidants, same caffeine as green teas
Pomegranate - sweet citrus aroma
Ginger - peaches, toasted nuts, ginger

White tea is the least processed and has the highest antioxidant levels
White Peach - sweet notes of peach and vanilla
Winter White Earl Grey - Chinese white tea with lemony bergamot
Royal Wedding - almond, coconut, vanilla, pink rosebuds and petals
White Vanilla Grapefruit
White Peony
- a popular style of white tea made of young tea leaves and silvery unopened leaf buds